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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I like to think of myself as a dreamer - those adventures we go to when we fall asleep. I find myself feeling alive in these worlds when I close my eyes - a place of limitlessness and discoveries. 
Nature and the mystery of the invisible forces inspire me. The works that I do are primarily abstract, perhaps it is as if the paintwork is dancing and having conversations on the canvas. 
How did I get here?
After a rediscovery phase in 2015, I found my way back to art. I later realized the possibility to pursue the creative path when I received a first paid project despite being self-taught. I was in the service and corporate field for eight years before I leaped faith.

I gradually expanded my network in the local art scene and soon found my passion in abstraction. I was fortunate to land on some unique opportunities at the early stage of my career, including working with Urbanscape music festival, Redbull, Heineken, and Strongbow. The most recent exhibition was at SH/FT KL exhibition by Cendana Malaysia 2019, Dreams exhibition by Inner Joy Art 2020, and Momo's Art Fair in 2021.
I relaunched my online shop in early 2021 with new line of stationery products and art prints. Feel free to visit my shop I hope you find something you like! :)


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