September Khu is a self-taught abstract artist
based in Kuala Lumpur. She is inspired by our nature and influenced by the science and mystery of the invisible forces.   

Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops,
and keep doing it until the people that are
looking for your find you - DAN HARMON

The power of imagination as the essence of

our existence - GREGG BRADEN


I am on a personal quest to understand our ‘abstract reality’ – in terms of the unseen and its mysterious existence – telepathy, dreams etc., which most of us chose to disregard as anything of significance. Because of my personal experiences, I spend my time reading and studying metaphysics, science, energy and exploring dreams, seeking answers through dreamscapes and more.


It was through my own artworks that I created that gave me bits and pieces of clue to question why I was doing the things I did. It then led me to study about energy and dreams, and is now my field of study.


I look forward to explore new mediums and would love to be involve with interactive work that is able to connect to the people around the world.

Be well.

September Khu



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