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Thank you for your embrace, Sankt Peter Ording

It was the end of the winter in 2018.

We stood under the cloudless skies

there in Sankt Peter Ording,


we hold each others hands

and walk along the stretch of

damp sand.

I imagine places like this only happen in dreams,

never have I thought I could be in such a place.

In a dream

of reality,


a reality

in a dream.

Reminded me of a dream I once had,

a train

cruising towards the horizon,

surrounded by nothing but the foggy sea,

the train,

and me,

unsure where it was heading to,

but I was in there,


We stayed to catch the sunset

in a three hundred and sixty degrees view of nothingness

nothing but the beams from the sun.

This nothingness.

This nothingness? Yes.

This nothingness gave me life.

Me, this great nature, my consciousness, and love.

I could only wish my dreams would be this beautiful and calm. But what else could I ask for when everything I wanted was there with me.

I can't stop thinking about this wonderful time I had there,

at Sankt Peter Ording. Thank you for the embrace.

Thank you Michael for your love.

Acrylic on canvas

50cm x 40cm | Sankt Peter Ording

Acrylic on canvas

30cm x 30cm | Sankt Peter Ording

#sanktpeterording #acrylicpainting #painting #canvas #kualalumpurartist #malaysianartist #septemberkhu

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