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PIVOTAL Group Art Exhibition

PIVOTAL Exhibition poster
PIVOTAL Exhibition poster

"Pivotal marks the threshold for budding artists in showcasing their work. We would like the public to be able to get firsthand view of the artists' journey and the process of their work by viewing the masterpieces." - The Art Seni Exhibition: PIVOTAL by The Art Seni Date: 29th Nov 2018 - 1st Jan 2019 Venue: The LINC KL FREE ADMISSION

September Khu

I was approached to feature my work as part of the group art exhibition with The Art Seni here at The LINC KL for a month from 29 November 2018 until 1 January 2019. Still feel very grateful for a chance like this after almost two years of hiatus. The Art Seni aims to bridge public and local artist by providing art tours in Kuala Lumpur. For art enthusiast be it tourist or locals, you can get the latest happenings in the Kuala Lumpur art scene, be sure to check out their page. Here are some photos I managed to capture. I'm just not very good at taking pictures.

Photo of me and Aza - The Art Seni.

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