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Why do I make paintings for home spaces?

Everyone should have their own definition of what a home is. To me, essentially...

"HOME is a person; HOME SPACES is the place to recharge and nurture our being."

Home to me, is a person. Home spaces is the place we live in, we rest, we recharge, regain our energy, and nurture our state of being.

When it all started Home is so vital to me because that is the starting point of everything. When you are well rested in a respected sacred place, you gain a clear mind - the perfect place for the birth of imagination.

I was rediscovering myself a few years ago, while being trapped in the world I did not belong in, I seek escape through painting. I began to attract colours into my world, and soon I found myself to be alive. I did not understand what was happening, or why I was attracted to certain type of art. I was mesmerised, I was intrigued, but I couldn't find my answer. So, I went on to paint even more, and years after years, I realised I was painting pictures of myself.

"The paintings that I created, I want to share it with the world, I want to do it for people like me, the people who value the meaning of home like I do."

It was the same year when I came across the idea of minimalism, and I really like the concept because it made so much sense to me. The importance of respecting the space where you rest, eat, learn, and sleep in, uncluttered, is essential to your well-being. The concept of living where things are intentionally kept to its minimal, retaining only the things that you value the most. That to me includes material things and relationships. Anything excessive will only distract us in many ways.

Less is more. I have since kept that practice and to allow only important things to be in my bedroom. It takes time and practice to live in this condition. You can't just throw old habits out the window in one day, I don't think that is realistic. It took me many phases of cleaning across a few years before I achieve my ideal state today (and I know I have more things to discard or giveaway still...)

When the space you rest in is just filled with the things matter the most for you (things that spark joy as Kon Marie teaches), you recharge higher quality energy within the room because than you get to feel each item and that will make you feel good. Many people who are positively impacted by this concept shared similar life changing stories. Many of similar teachings can be found in ancient teachings such as Buddhism, that we should let go of any attachments we have of our possessions in order to be free. By meditating, we control our thoughts by emptying it, which then allows us to clear our headspace and have only concentrated thoughts of things that actually matter to us, and receive the thought waves we are intended to receive rather that unnecessary clusters of thoughts get in your way. My space I live in, is to recharge and nurture my state of being.

I want to do bring colours into your life

The paintings that I created, I want to share it with the world, I want to do it for people like me, the people who value the meaning of home like I do, as I present to you my visuals I made for home spaces. I also hope my new acquired knowledge on the psychology of colour can help me better prepare my work in the future. I love to bring colours into your life. To view the full series of art prints available, visit my online store. Until then,

Stay blissful :)

Home is a person, home space is a place to recharge and nurture

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