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Why are we so drawn to colourful things?

For a long time I wonder why are we so drawn to colourful things?

I was asked not too long ago, which is the most important human senses to me and why. I picked SIGHT, simply because I enjoy looking at things, the colours of the world, the different faces, the different creatures, the human inventions, the artistic structures, the many wonderful material things life offered, and gave me so much feelings, the fascinating things created by mankind and mother nature.

When I started drawing in late 2012, I was doing a lot of line drawings and colourful works with different shapes and patterns, mash up in a mess randomly without rules. I didn't know why I was doing it, but I realised I am very attracted to these colours. But I must say, it is not like I am dressed as a colourful person, either is everyone who is attracted to multicolours, but it's like an unexpected spice in your drink, gives you take kick! It stimulates the brain! I took up a course on The Psychology of Colour Symbolism to find my answer.

Space of Mind by September Khu (2013)

Colour conveys meanings in two primary ways - natural associations and psychological (or cultural) symbolism. When you see a colour, instinctively it evokes a certain emotion, or you may have a change of feeling just by just looking at it. Take for example three different rooms, a black room, a white room, and a room filled with colourful balloons and shimmering ribbons. What stays the same is the room space, what is different is the colours, and instantaneously you feel different. You might have extreme feelings when you place yourself in each room. Colours, they stimulate our brains. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, 70% of your sensory receptors are in your eyes, 50% of your brain is active in visual processing, and 40% of people respond to better visuals. Basically, your brain gets high when you are stimulated visually. Mmm... colours

Here is the beautiful Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and a few colourful things I like that I came across.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark | September Khu

My photo of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark (15 March 2018)

"1.26 Sculpture Project" at the Biennial of the Americas by Janet Echelman (2010) Ted Talk: Taking Imagination Seriously

"ARUS" by a Malaysian artist Bono Stellar for Urbanscapes 2018

My Pinterest ::: Colours ::: board: Artworks that caught my attention.

My painting 2017

Colours make us feel pleasant, but poor combination of colours can be unpleasant. Colours are important in our home spaces. Although multicolours may spice up our state but an unharmonised colour scheme is not really something to aim for I suppose.

Until then, happy Sunday!

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