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Why did I make postcards?

Before I begin to tell you why I make postcards, I would first like to tell you a story.

I remember in secondary school at 14, I was in the afternoon class. There were senior students in the morning class. In Malaysian schools in general, we would sit at our same seat throughout the year. My desk was the one next to the window by the corridor, at the third row. I don't remember how it started, but I was exchanging little notes with the senior who was sitting at my desk from the morning class. By end of the year, our notes have become long letters on A4 writing paper and I have a hand full of them! Her friends even tag along wishing me happy birthday and good luck in my exam in a form a greeting card. It was one of the best moments I could remember from secondary school.

The letters in my desk - from 2001

She was a wonderful person. I remember I always wanted a sister when I was younger. Look, I found myself one! She was very funny, very wise, and she cared very much for me. She was also one of a twin. I was reading through the letters today before I write this entry. It brought me to tears, happy tears, that I have had cross path with this person. I thought to myself, why did we stopped writing? Maybe there is a time for everything. We have set off to do our own things, school and the world, but we will always be in each others heart and memory.

"All your dreams will come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Remember." - Komathy

She was forever encouraging! She was always telling me the right thing. Of course she did, she was my "big sister".

The truth is, we have found each other long after school, in this digital age we have Facebook and Instagram, but we have never really spoken. I wonder how is she doing. I know she has been travelling, and I know she is still that beautiful being I use know, and maybe I should really say hello.

Writing, it is wonderful, a deep way to connect with another human being. You may even find the love of your life in letter writing like I did it. My letter writing did not end there. I was in love with this beautiful stranger I met few years ago. We wrote letters, and soon fell deeply in love. Whether it's a relationship like me and my senior, or me and the love of my life, those were indeed the most incredible experience I have ever had. The genuine friendship we had established, and the rush of dopamine pumping through your whole body and rushing through your brain when I receive the letters! That's the happiness hormone being released right there.

The Postcards When I travel and would hunt for postcards to write, I almost always find myself disappointed for the reason being that either I couldn't find the pictures on the postcard that I really like, or the quality of the postcards were too "normal" for my taste, or the writing space is just too narrow. I mean, who else are you writing the postcards to but people who are special and important to you. I wanted something that looks and feels good, doesn't need to be premium, just, looks and feels good. So, I solve my own problems by creating one.

I have selected six paintings from different series to create a postcard of six, printed on beautiful Maple White paper - 250gsm.

"Candle in Winter" is being a little romantic in a quiet space.

"Cotton Candy" has a little bit of vitality and a little bit of sweetness.

"Well-Being". For growth, life balance, and hope. Green and yellow is such a powerful colour combined.

"Dipping My Feet In Cold Water". Re-energized in a calm state and come back to who you are.

"Enthused". Are you? This is optimism and creativity.

"Passion Drive". The Love for something or someone an do so much, so make it happen!

The postcard is 7.3 in x 5.2 in, with comfortable writing space on the left. I am a person with a lot of things to write. Here goes. I've added #DearPostman too, underneath the address. It's important to keep your manners! ☝🏻

I hope you enjoy the design which I talked about - the writing space, the size of the postcard, #DearPostman, and also the paintings I have selected for the postcards, each with a little positivity.

Okay now. Write to someone!

Be well.


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