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Dancing with you in the abstract reality 2019 | September Khu

Dancing with you in the abstract reality (2019) | Mixed Media Being physically distant from Home, we shall find ourselves in another reality where distance didn’t matter. So long as we dance in this comfortable rhythm, dancing together, but also dancing separately, shall we be closer to Home. The 8"x 6" Project ll at the Penang City Hall in Georgetown from 12 Oct 2019 to 3 Nov 2019.

Is this the beginning of a new possibility?

I was given the opportunity and two wood blocks to play with and exhibit in Penang & Kuala Lumpur. I have never done anything with wood before so I was pretty excited because I didn't know what was I going to do with it.

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. So, when life gives you a piece of wood, you go knock on people's door to borrow his cutter, and then you make new friends. At the very beginning, I tried to carry out this project on my own with my dad's metal saw, that obviously it didn't work. So I called my friend who does carpentry work. Unfortunately he was away for a few days so he directed me to EF Furniture to see if they could help. I didn't have much time as the submission date was getting close, so I just barged in instead. It wasn't too far from my place (how lucky I wonder why). From idea 1 become idea 2 and 3 and we just improvise on the idea as we progress. This project lead me out of my ordinary practice. I think I am beginning to open up from what I normally do. I am grateful for being part of the project and thank you the curator behind the 8" x 6" Project II - Ivan Alexander Gabriel for believing in me. I also thank the men at EF Furniture for being so kind and helpful and giving me the best advice to do this.

Thank you!

September Khu xx

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