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Momo's Art Fair 2021

Here's the first group exhibition in 2021, woohoo!!

Can you spot my artwork?

I had two wonderful weekends at Momo's Art Fair.

Momo's is a social hotel in Kuala Lumpur city centre. This was a refreshing experience for me as we exhibit our artwork at the lobby floor and each of us (participating artists) was given a room of our own to showcase our artwork, sell our merchandise, or even set up an art installation. I was in the second group, alongside 13 other female artists in celebration of international women's day.

Welcome to my room - 110!

This is the most popular spot in my room - PICK-A-CARD corner.

with Carabelle Cheong, Miriam Omar and Nee Wong

My newly modified art print display rack

We made some sales over the two weekends and I am so ever grateful! It's really great to come out some times!

Two visitors came in the last hours of the day - Ching & Aida. They had seen one of my paintings at the airwell on the ground floor and wanted to know about it. As we spoke about our stories, we are recollecting the memory of our losses. I'm touched and forever astonished by how strangers like us get connected through a single painting, and on the very same emotion, we have had.

Later, three other visitors came and the air is lifted slightly. We spent some time a bit before we call it a day.

It is such a delight to have end the day this way.

Thank you @fiqrieisme for the photo. :)

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