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Not Yet A Romantic Story

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Most of my birthdays

(even since adulthood)

was never lack of celebration

People would treat me meals

take me out somewhere

to some sort of activity

some sort of party

some sort of celebration

In 2015

I woke up from some sort of


thinking about the life I was living

I left home

right after a dengue recovery

I took a bus

I left home

went up North

to be away

I had an epiphany

that birthdays are not about me


but about two person who love each other

it's not about me

and I really like that thought

This was probably the first birthday I had



I was feeling great

it was what I wanted

it was quite liberating

it was the first step to

living a courageous life

Talking to this stranger

a fellow guesthouse stayer

I close my sketch book soon after

I never finish the sketch

But that's not the point

the point is

this guy couldn't stop talking

I can't blame him

because I couldn't either

We spent the next few hours talking

about the great things we want to do

in life

before the rain subsided

and bid farewell

at the bus terminal

for me to leave for KL

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