"am I going the right direction?”

I think it’s healthy to revisit this question with yourself perhaps once or twice a year,

"am I going the right direction?”

Some believe in the afterlife, some believe in reincarnation. I can only be agnostic about it because I will never know which turns out to be true. The only way I can live with myself is to be the person I won't feel sorry for on the day I die. I'm in my thirties as I am writing this, there are a few things I have learnt during my lifetime up-to-date:-

i. Respect yourself

ii. Do what you think best represent the person you are

I fret the word "self-taught", but this is what I am; I am best at expressing thoughts through the things I create. Don't feel shameful about not having a formal education (though at an earlier stage I was). We humans are learning thousands of things daily. Start somewhere. Learn something and put it in into action.

This life is something I wouldn't have thought possible, but I have made it this far since quitting my corporate job at the age of 28. I think I should embrace it more even though I am afraid of many things.

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