Books for my children

I found this two beautiful books from Brain Pickings a few years ago. These illustrations and stories etched so deeply in the back of my head. I find it so powerful.

One day I may forget the things I like and love. I am putting it here as a reminder to myself. And if it is so powerful, I want to share it with those who seek the same kind of teaching for themselves and loved ones.

As it has been beautifully written by the writer, I have nothing else to add. You can find the links to the story.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

Book by Shel Silverstein

The book about the vitality of self-development and growth.


Book by Jihyeon Lee

The book about curiosity and courage which leads to a whole new world and happiness. I have this book. It is a place I go to when I feel a little down, and you'll find hope and courage with a smile at the end of it, I promise.

There are a whole lot more out there.

Start swimming!


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"Those who do not dream, did not live."

So, I wish you keep dreaming! :)

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