A night out with Jonas Bjerre

We met at a place where no one knows him, he was just like anyone else (well, he is just like anyone else, and also, he isn't just like anyone else because he is Jonas Bjerre). I was glad I reacted quite calmly but with a slight excitement, not showing too much that I was ecstatic and I love him so much. I greeted him, and then I reached out to hug him and he did so gave me such a lovely one back. It was so pleasant.

We walked away from the crowd. I remember telling him about attending Mew's show in 2017 in KL and how I enjoyed every second of it. But though, I lost all my photos from that concert, well I was left with just four videos I posted on Instagram, but that also didn't matter, because I was there in that space, in the very front rows, listening and watching them perform in front of me, live.

Screenshot from my video

It was because I was so intrigued by Mew and their music back when we can only watch them on MTV and Channel V after school, the "She Came Home For Christmas", "Am I Wry", "156", and "Comforting Sounds" days, when Frengers was released in 2003, which is 15 years ago. I was searching about the band and found out that they came from Denmark. It was probably the first time I heard of this country, and ingrained in my mind that one day I will be there, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mew Band

Mew when they were four. From the left: Bo Madsen, Silas Jørgensen, Janas Bjerre, and Johan Wohlert.

Dreams come true pretty quickly. I was there last year 2018, with a very beautiful person. We roam the streets of Copenhagen and freezing in March. It was also Copenhagen where I experienced snow for the first time. I will be back very soon.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though we didn't have any pictures together, but we were so close I could put my arms around him anytime and that felt quite fine and it was quite enough. He was such a cool person. Soon after, I can't recall what exactly happened, I was probably in my car, and I woke up from this beautiful dream.

A night so lovely, with Jonas Bjerre.

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