The Call to "Let Go & Surrender"

The series of magical events started at the beginning of my shift. I do not know where to begin but I would love to document this in my blog as much as I can.

Let's start with today.

I've started my dream adventure approximately 6 months ago. Dream adventure meaning the dream we go to when we sleep at night.

Who take dreams seriously anyway?

I do, so do all those who experienced the other realm by paying attention to our dreams. I shall elaborate this when I can later as at this moment is not a good time to go into that, but here I mention dreams because of my next point.

I'm talking about dreams because I dream so vividly on a Thursday afternoon nap.

I was under pink hue skies and above warm colour ocean, witnessing someone on a advanced paragliding device. It was then my turn to navigate this device, as it was my first time, I was afraid. I was holding on to the latch where we manoeuvre with our hands to control the direction - left or right, up or down. Perhaps it was so advance that manoeuvring with your hands is not required. I was high above the waters and quite nervous, I heard a voice saying very loudly to me "JUST LET GO!". It was the same feeling I had couple of weeks ago on my first rock climbing with an auto belay machine.

On the late afternoon (which was yesterday) after the dream, my friend shared with me a book and he said I should read it, and he specifically said, "if you can, read it NOW". The book was "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael A Singer.

Somehow my friend was very eager on my progress on the book. Usually, I prioritise my book choice before any other book recommendation. Somehow, I started flipping the pages since he shared with me yesterday.

Today I received his text after lunch and I replied,

"I'm on page 90. Here's what happened. I didn't cook today, and I had to go to the post office anyway to mail out an old CD someone bought from me, so went for lunch outside. This auntie near the restaurant always sell fruit at the back of the car but I never buy anything from her before. I took a peak and I saw she had some mangoes. To be precise, she had only 4. I thought it'd be a good idea to get one for my snack time. This auntie then said, "the mangos are very nice, how about taking two?". She asked me without asking me and just put two mangoes on the scale as if I said yes. But I thought, okay why not, fruits are good and I eat them anyway. Then she go ahead and said, how about just take all four? And so I thought, she's really trying to clear her stocks isn't she, and assured me the 'Golden Mangoes' are very good. Without realizing much, I handed her 24 bucks and just... surrender."

I hold the 4 mangoes in my hand and as I reply my friend's text message, I thought to myself, this is actually just nice. Since I'm visiting my friend on the weekend, one for him and his girlfriend would be lovely, one for my family, one for Grandma, and one for me to bring to my studio as intended.

The action was effortless and my connections with the people I love would become closer. Isn't that nice?

With the dream message and the eagerness of my friend who shared with me this book, I am aware of the message I needed to receive. It's not about the mangoes, it's about not holding on so tightly what I want to do next.

At this point of time in my life, I am planning the next big move. With some minor things yet to be in place, I was feeling a bit unease. But I get the message, to let the universe take me where I should be.

I'm not yet half way on the book, and it has been a huge encouragement for me. I have too been listening to Abraham Hicks teachings on letting go. I get it. I really get it. I got it!

Good night my friends, it's way past my bedtime. I'm excited for meditation with friends tomorrow.

Greetings and much love to you.

September Khu x

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