DREAMS: Transcending Physical Reality with Inner Joy Art

Me in my home studio Dec 2019 after completing Dancing With You In The Abstract Reality II

THE DREAM JOURNEY I believe we don't live in just this "physical reality", at least that's what I have been experiencing in recent year. After a major event that took place in my life, I was beginning to see and feel things very differently, I began to dream vividly and at some point I felt "this world" was a bit strange and all I wanted to do was to go back to my dreamscape, I look forward to my dream adventure every single night. I began to see glimpse of event, people, or things in my dreams and it happen in this reality few days later, I began to hear words speak to me, I began to experience what I call "magic". By now I should have at least 9 months of dream data. It has become my passion to be the best dreamer I can be (who would really say that), and I believe that's how I seek my truth, IN THE ABSTRACT REALITY. ​ We don't just live in this dimension, when you're ready, just dream a little bit more, there you'll soon find all the answers you are looking for, from within.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." THE EXHIBITION

When I was invited to exhibit with at DREAMS, it almost felt like it was meant for me as it fits so perfectly with my dream adventure. "Nothing that we attract into our lives is ever random."

I have 10 artworks in total for this group exhibition. I will be exhibiting alongside 10 other local and international artists. The opening reception is on the 11. 01. 2020 (Sat) at 3pm and the show runs long till 14th March 2020. Inner Joy Art gallery is located at No. 7, Lorong Universiti C, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Google Map to the gallery

Read about the opening reception: Opening Reception of DREAMS: Transcending Physical Reality 11 Jan 2020 at Inner Joy Art with Mazlan Noor Along


THE ARTWORK Dancing With You In The Abstract Reality I & II is about soul connection in the other realm, where what we perceive as physical distant, do not exist.

Dancing With You In The Abstract Reality II Mixed media on canvas

48" x 48"

Dancing With You In The Abstract Reality I Mixed media on wood piece

(hanging installation)

Being physically distant from Home, ⠀

we shall find ourselves ⠀

in another reality where

distance didn’t matter. ⠀

So long as we dance ⠀

in this comfortable rhythm,⠀

dancing together, ⠀

but also dancing separately,⠀

shall we once again,

be Home.

Discoveries 2019 (series) Mixed media on canvas

16in x 20in Can you see the beauty of me? For I am everyone who ever loved me during this great big, magical discovery.

Orbiting Around The Memory of Your Island 2019 (series) Mixed media on canvas

16in x 20in

The feeling of wonder when you meet someone special that words can not explain.

"Orbiting Around The Memory of Your Island" is a lingering flashback of sweet discoveries, where I constantly discover something delightful when being around this beautiful being.

A follow up series on "Orbiting Around Your Island 2017”of 18 drawings produced in 2017. This series is inspired by genuine friendship and love.

Dreams do come true, only when you believe it in.

Be well,

September xx

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