I found some gems

I went to the nursery to get some new soil for my dying Song of India. I had bought them in IKEA over a year ago and they have been shedding. I must say I feel guilty for putting a dead grasshopper in the plant, in the name of returning nature-to-nature, though I'm really not too sure if that was the cause. I may also have watered too frequently, according to some friends who knows about plants and looking at the condition of its leaves.

In the nursery, I came across these pretty foliage, I couldn't get my eyes off. So I brought them home, to the studio.

They had interesting venations I have ever seen.

The front of the leaf is usually green, while the back of the leaf is maroon - purpleish tone. In the evening, they rise! That's why they are also called a prayer plant.

The most delightful living thing I've seen in a while. :)

I learn that they are Calatheas.

The top one is Calatheas Makoyana, and the bottom one I believe is Calatheas Ornata.

I do hope to care better this time. They have been with me for a week now, I'm happy to have some plant friends here with me. :)

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