Miracle happened around the same time last year


Whenever I go for exhibition visits I'm always on a look out for Malaysian abstract art. I have been looking, however I realised I don't always see the type of art that would make me get butterflies in my stomach.

In International Art Expo Malaysia October 2018, (that fateful day) I stumbled across a series of contemporary abstract art that really caught my eyes, I stopped, I looked, I inspected, I was excited, it inspire me, this is something that I really love, something that gave me butterflies in my stomach, it gave me a kind of feeling that I haven't had for a long time with art.

I look closely at the name of the artist and I was in awe and delight, to my surprise he is a Malaysian artist!

Among all the South East Asian artists, the one that light me up was a Malaysian! That made me quite trilled!

At the corner of the booth, I did a quick search to find him on social media but to no avail. I took note of his name, took some photos and followed the gallery's Instagram instead.

Artworks of Fauzulyusri at TAKSU booth, ART EXPO October 2018

I then heard some visitors being interested, inquiring on his works. The gallery assistant then pulls out more work from behind, showing larger pieces!

I recalled me being like a teenage girl seeing a really handsome man for the first time (the artwork). Too shy to walk near and just eavesdrop from a distance.

(I mean, look at my sneaky photo...)

Why does a painting made me feel this way?

What is this about the painting? or is it the painter? or my current mood? What is it?

This feeling is etched in my memory and I can always recall this excitement.

That was the brief moment when I met "that handsome man".

Fast forward to year April 2019

At this point, I have not been to any exhibition since. I was aware of the many art exhibitions going on between then and April, but I was in a social hiatus.

I saw a feed on my Instagram announcing an upcoming solo exhibition. I was enticed with the work displayed.

I called my friend, Azry, and ask if he would like to come along with me.

Fendy Zakri Solo Exhibition Moonlight Fragment at TAKSU, April 2019

I was quite speechless looking at the artist statement. I was doing some soul searching during my social absence. I've been in a deep world of sacred geometry and life of the unseen. The artist's statements spoke to me.

I look further and I realised his mentor was Fauzulyusri, the artist's work I call "the handsome man" from Art Expo 18'. Coincidence? I couldn't believe this. I mean, it could be anyone, but it's him - Fauzulyusri.

The saying "You are what you attract, and you create your reality" was playing constantly in the background of my mind, assuring me that I have attracted myself to places where I find like-minded people, the things that drives me.

My experience thus far was so uplifting of my spirit. I was quite moved by this feeling.

I recalled how pleasant one feels when a stranger sends a message to me to tell me how they feel about my work.

I almost never initiate any conversation, more so with people I don't know. But, this day, I figured I would do it.

I find the artist's Instagram, sum up the courage and message him personally just to tell him I visited his exhibition and to express my appreciation.

As the night ended, on my way home, a bright, round, full moon was hanging above my head.

I feel some what complete.

The story hasn't end yet

Fendy and I ended up becoming more than just acquaintance. We chatted a bit on Instagram and he invited me to his studio in Shah Alam! I was over the moon, I am going to his workspace! Seeing things behind the scenes.

(To know what's like for me, if you love Tesla and Elon Musk invites you to the factory and the engineer's office. Something like that 😅 )

After a while, he made a call to another artist. He told me if the artist was available, he would bring me over to visit as well since I came all the way from Shah Alam. (and I wasn't some creep.)

He didn't inform me before hand, this was another surprise!

At this point, I was happy to visit any artist's studio. I asked him who it was. "My mentor", and my heart felt off my rib cage.

I began to tell Fendy the story about my encounter in Art Expo.

When we arrived at Fauzulyusri's studio, so much was running through my mind. I remember feeling like I was in some kind of wonderland. The deliciousness of a workspace, your favourite type of art, the man behind those artworks which I saw the last time that give me butterflies, all things that excites me, ALL IN ONE PLACE!

I was still very new with all of these. I haven't been out much, hanging around with other fellow artist, moreover hanging out with establish artist! But synchronicity brought me directly to Fauzulyusri, with no effort to pursue anything more than just mere genuine admiration of his creation.

It was the most amazing experience.

We chatted for a while, I was shy, I didn't really know where to start asking about things. He was very humble and shared some insights with me. I hope he will welcome me back some day, and I will have something new of my work to show him.

Meeting Fauzulyusri at his studio in Shah Alam

Fendy also brought me to meet another artist at his studio, Raduan Man.

I learned a thing or two from these three artists. I am so grateful on this day, I'm happy to have Fendy as my friend.

The day came to an end. Fendy and I went to get dinner together, and we saw the most amazing sunset in Shah Alam. At least for me. :)

2 July 2019, 7.22pm, Shah Alam

5 days later, Fendy came to visit. 😁

Fendy Zakri visiting my studio 9 July 2019

We bonded through similar topic of interest like philosophy and religion, occurrences of the unseen.

Seeking ourselves in the abstract reality,

September Khu

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