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The Unseen Forces

 After a major event happened in my personal life, I began to experience life in a different light. I believe that the unseen forces, what many call higher self, angels, God, or in my term - the Universe, guided me closer to my answers.

The first body of works in early 2019 The Vibration series brought me to understand the Law of Vibration. Essentially we are all energy beings, our thoughts are vibrating frequencies. What we think about we broadcast out to the world and in tuned with people and ideas of the same frequency, which we then draw into our lives, unawarely. Some incidents is what we deem as "coincidence". 

It's a quantum law.

"You are what you think about."


Healing in Turmoil

Mixed Media

30in x 30in

I began meeting total strangers on fateful occasions and realising they were going through the same experiences as I was; understanding that the Universe works on frequency, bringing people into our life experiences to learn,

heal and love. The shift in how I see the world now let me heal very quickly.  


Two Worlds In A Perspective

Mixed Media

30in x 30in

One thing led to another, I began to dream very vividly. I started noticing images I see in waking life that I dreamed about two days before. Is this what we think of as

"Deja vu"? Is our dreams trying to tell us something?

Here am I, standing here

looking at both the magical dreamscapes and my waking reality.


Understanding the dream world is essentially understanding ourselves in the physical reality and our current experiences. Learning about dream lucidity made me aware that we can actually learn in our sleeping world, in Scientific terms is neuroplasticity.


But, do we pay enough attention to the dreams we experience every night?

Do you remember your dreams? 



Mixed Media

30in x 30in

My eyes and minds are now open to receive.

Seeing more clearly, I believe everything happens for a reason; I believe that the Universe has no biases and works in a truly fair way because it's a law and it works the way it does for our own soul evolution.

To enquiry on price and purchase, kindly seek assistance from
SPACES Platinum Sentral Community Manager.

Thank you SPACES Platinum Sentral for the space 

and this special collaboration initiative.

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