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Malaysia In A Tiffin Carrier

How can I simplify "Malaysia" into an item? This project was meant for someone who had been long-staying in Malaysia for some time and now leaving this once so familiar place for good. 


I was told she loves the cultural taste of our streets, our food, the famous Penang Island, something that can be remembered as Malaysia.  

KLPENANG Street Signs Canvas Bag

Onto the first item, something of more practical use - a canvas bag. Having the distinctive dark blue KL street signs and jade green Penang street signs, I hope this could remind her the places she has been and perhaps retrieve some memories linked to these places everytime she sees it. 


On the second item, I was suggested to do something with a tiffin carrier. I think it's a great idea and a good item, something most of us used back in the days in 1990's to pack home-cooked food. I presented it as a Penang heritage house. 


The fact is that Penang heritage houses are just two stories, not three, but it would make sense to draw on all three tiers and the fourth as the roof since I have four tiers.


Penang Heritage Tiffin Carrier

KLPENANG Street Signs : Canvas Bag

Hand stitched name on canvas bag

Penang Heritage House : Tiffin Carrier

'Local delicacies' inside the tiffin. Curated Malaysian made products.

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