Thrift-On-Wheels 2015| Van Doodle

The van doodle project marks the first commissioned work since I started my freelancing journey, and yep of all things - on a van! 

Thrift-On-Wheels (now rebrand to VOWS) is an online cum mobile thrift store that is embedded with social value where the upclycling center are mend by refugees and single moms. Founded by the Rosik sisters that provide an ethical alternative by selling used clothing and jewellery with the purpose to advocate on the thrift culture for the future generation to have a greener environment. 

The owners wanted a bright and colourful outlook, yet giving a personal identity to the van. I added batik design that represents Malaysia and colourful intricate floral patterns around the van to aspire bright and cheerful vibe.  


Syakirin wanted me to add a heart symbol in remembrance of the lives of the garment factory workers that were lost in an earthquake in Bangladesh happened just couple months before. The heart was added as a necklace of a bird that represents the souls of the victims are now set free. 


The two cats on each side of the front door were representation of the Rosik sisters' pet cats, though they may no longer be here but they are still very close at heart. 


All characters on the van are females which represents woman in power.

This 7 days drawing process was super tiring, 8-9 hours each day, but it's all worth it. :)









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