"  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.  "

- Dr. Carl Jung

Lastest artwork



Orbiting Around The Memory
of Your Island


Dancing with you in the abstract reality II (left),
Dancing with you in the abstract reality I (right)


After a major event happened in my personal life,
I began to experience life in a different light. I believe that
the unseen forces, or what many call higher self, angels, God,

or in my term - the Universe, guided me closer to my answers.​ 


I began to dream vividly,

as though my being was in different realm.

I began to question the reality that I have ever known,

and the deeper I look into the dreamscapes at night,

the more I realise we are more than what we know.

Vibration  ・   Energy  ・   Dreamscape


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