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I have been fortunate to be part of the SH/FT exhibition by CENDANA Malaysia.

SH/FT KL Cendana Malaysia #shiftkl | September Khu

The Official Launch of SH/FT KL on 1 August 2019. Welcome remarks by Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehudin, Founding CEO of Cendana Malaysia & lead curator Sharmin Parameswaran.


SH/FT, a change in position, direction, thinking and action. A movement and displacement today, affecting tomorrow. SH/FT is a curated comtemporary visual art exhibition consisting of multi-disciplinary art where Malaysians artists and creatives present a showcase of ideas that includes paintings, print, photography, digital and installation. SH/FT captures current artistic thoughts and practices by a selection of 42 exciting established and emerging practitioners. SH/FT as a concept spotlights a time of change in the context of Malaysia's social, political and cultural sphere. As a steering point, it gradually envelops into consequences that involve facets of our living conditions. Participating artist explore through visual language to provide a multitude of perspectives on matters that are deemed significant to their current states.

The art works presented in the exhibition are based on three different categories: Identity, Technology and Pop Culture. It is dense with current nuances, symbols and metaphors that speak about the many fabric of a changing demographic, ideally pausing us to ponder on Malaysia today.

Through engagement and appraisal of the public, this exhibition presents a springboard that is able to elevate some, if not all, of the artists to a different level in their art practice.

SH/FT KL Cendana Malaysia #shiftkl | September Khu

Exhibition runs from 1 - 11 August 2019 at Black Box & White Box, Publika, Kuala Lumpur.

Exhibited Work by September Khu

Energy, vibration and dreams are among the subject of my paintings. Humankind often disregards what the eyes cannot see. As I begin to understand the abstract reality, my dreams began to unfold in front of my eyes in the physical reality.

The concept of shifting the consciousness of the entire nation is not impossible. It starts with ourselves. By beginning to heal myself from within, it opens up my mind to view the world differently. The concept is presented in a series of three paintings –Healing in Turmoil, Two Worlds From A Perspective, and Clarity.

Healing in turmoil 2019 Mixed media on canvas 76.2cm x 76.2cm

Two worlds from a perspective 2019 Mixed media on canvas 76.2cm x 76.2cm

Clarity 2019 Mixed media on canvas 76.2cm x 76.2cm

Thank you Cendana Malaysia and the entire SH/FT team ✨ I feel so blessed to be part of what #SHIFTKL is about and gracefully ride on with the movement together with my own shift at this very same moment.


Well wishes,

September Khu

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