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Opening Reception of DREAMS: Transcending Physical Reality 11 Jan 2020 at Inner Joy Art with Mazlan

"There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason" is more commonly said than understood. The universe works in its universal law; we are not in the Universe, because we ARE the universe. Can you "see" it? I'm so pleased to be one of the 11 visual artist exhibited in this show with the title of DREAMS: Transcending Physical Reality, which fitted perfectly to my shift journey.

In the course of my shift in 2019, I began to look deep into my dreamscapes and soon realised there's more to what we call the dream at night actually is. The more I am aware of my dream, the more vivid it become, the more lucid it become, and it is through the visual and sensation in my dreams I discover that we do not just live here in this physical plane but we are so much more than that. Our unconscious mind hold a wealth of wisdom about ourselves and the world around us, so I learn to pay attention.

It soon realise my dreams are speaking to me, showing me coded messages of life. Why is it so hard to decipher? I believe is for us to questions, "how can this happen?" and "why is this happening to me?", "what are you trying to say?".

The opening reception of Dreams: Transcending Physical Reality on 11 Jan 2020 at Inner Joy Art, PJ Seksyen 16. 11 visual artists and Mazlan Noor who officiate the exhibition.

This day 11.01.2020 is one of the most moving day in my life. Some times I take a moment to catch my breath and ask "how did I get here?". For all I know, life can be quite easy when we follow our bliss and just be grateful of everything even in the most horrific incident. I'm glad to have the opportunity to tell my story in a public space, and seeing the faces of my friends and loved ones gathered here in one of the most meaningful moment in my life. I thank them all greatly for their time, support and love.

This is Adelyn.

My best friend Khairul and Juliana

Hazel, me, Stan Lee and Avand

This is Mark. We were strangers bonded over lucid dreaming and astral projection.

I'm so grateful also to meet Mazlan Noor Along in this fateful event. Thank you for the beautiful exchange. We are messengers ✨

Dreams Exhibition 11.01 ~ 14.03 2020⠀ Inner Joy Art Gallery Opening Hours⠀ ✨ Tue - Fri, by appointment only⠀ ✨ Sat - Sun, 10.30am ~ 6.00pm⠀ ✨ Close on Mondays

11 Visual Artists Avand, Malaysia Basma Sumbal, Pakistan Khadijah Shafaie, Afghanistan Nasreen Afia, Pakistan Sai Tom Moung, Myanmar Seema Nanoo, Malaysia September Khu, Malaysia Sin Kae Miin, Malaysia Sulemana, Pakistan Tantiyana, Malaysia TzinNui, Malaysia Producer: Dymphna Lanjuran, Inner Joy Art To read more about my work, I journaled it under my blog DREAMS: Transcending Physical Reality with Inner Joy Art

Have a fantastic day!


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